The Lines of Desire Collective is a new collective of artists, makers, writers and documenters based in the North East of England.

Core members are Russ Coleman
Jude ThomasRob Walton and Zoë Lambert, with other artists being co-opted for specific projects.

We believe in keeping community involvement central to the core of our approach.  Working across art forms we integrate performance, writing and sculpture, linking place and people through creative engagement. Artworks are conceived through outdoor renditions of a written works, such as a poem, song, blank verse or prose. We are interested in making the work as collaborative and cohesive as possible.

Our approach:

By adopting a model of process and partnership our creative team aim to develop community engagement. Writing, documentary and practical workshops is then used to inform the ideas for final artworks, bringing together people's experience of the chosen theme (for example: past heritage of an area along with the future hopes and aspirations of those who live in the community). By integrating existing skills and local knowledge, these workshops support community members to create their own vision, within the proposed framework, with the guidance of the creative team. Through further engagement and using the abilities of local residents we aim to jointly create concepts for a series of objects to be achieved.

"Lines of desire" or "desire lines" are social pathways developed by erosion caused by footfall.

The path represents the shortest route between origin and destination.

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